Neekweb offers expert commercial photography services as part of its comprehensive package for clients large or small.

We have our own in-house photographers, experienced in all aspects of commercial imagery, or we can work with other professionals in creating photo-briefs and shot-lists for each new assignment.

Previously we have provided stunning images for clients in the hotel and leisure trade, sports and fitness clubs, food and drink businesses, packaging companies, estate agents, solicitors and IT specialists.

We’ll make sure your pictures have an eye-catching appeal so that your websites and brochures will stand out from your competitors.

Our photographers work collaboratively with our designers and copywriters to ensure the images we provide are precisely what your project requires. If you would like to discuss this further, contact us today.

How we work


Understand and Analyse

Stratagize and Attract

Devolop and Build

Before any project starts, we sit down and ask the question, ‘What does your business really need?’.

You may have an existing website or want a total refresh, but we take it two steps back. Do we need to re-design the site?

Do we need to replan the pages, information architecture and customer journey’s to deliver the most user friendly experience?

Do we need to build micro sites for specific market sectors to attract higher quality leads?

Your customers are all around, and waiting for you to make the first move. We create strategies that work in tandem with all the understanding we now have of your business:

These are the key drivers for getting customers onto your website. With a clear strategy, your business is now ready for NeekWeb to start the development and delivery of your website and marketing.

So the understanding and analysis is done, we’ve created a clear strategy, let’s get to work on the development of the website.

By clearly setting out a production timeline our designers and developers will build a website that is totally cohesive with the marekting plan that will be launched once the website is live

By using the latest design trends, creating fluid user experiences, seo-savvy and engaging content, specific landing page layouts and custom calls to action, your new website is now ready to become a lead generation juggernaut.