Think E-Commerce Website Designing, think Neekweb.

We are India’s leading E-Commerce Web Designers and Affordable Website Design Company. If you need a Low cost Web Design Or E-Commerce Website Designer to help your business grow, then Neekweb is the one for you. We are an established leading E-Commerce Web Designers and IT Support company based in Kolkata, India. We have website clients throughout India, US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia as well as other countries in the Globe. If you need a Low cost Web Design Or E-Commerce Website Designer to help your business grow, then Neekweb is the one for you.

How we work


Understand and Analyse

Stratagize and Attract

Devolop and Build

Before any project starts, we sit down and ask the question, ‘What does your business really need?’.

You may have an existing website or want a total refresh, but we take it two steps back. Do we need to re-design the site?

Do we need to replan the pages, information architecture and customer journey’s to deliver the most user friendly experience?

Do we need to build micro sites for specific market sectors to attract higher quality leads?

Your customers are all around, and waiting for you to make the first move. We create strategies that work in tandem with all the understanding we now have of your business:

These are the key drivers for getting customers onto your website. With a clear strategy, your business is now ready for NeekWeb to start the development and delivery of your website and marketing.

So the understanding and analysis is done, we’ve created a clear strategy, let’s get to work on the development of the website.

By clearly setting out a production timeline our designers and developers will build a website that is totally cohesive with the marekting plan that will be launched once the website is live

By using the latest design trends, creating fluid user experiences, seo-savvy and engaging content, specific landing page layouts and custom calls to action, your new website is now ready to become a lead generation juggernaut.


Nobody likes being told what to do, that is why at NeekWeb we believe in a consultative approach to business.

We won’t just tell you what you need; we start every conversation by asking what you want. By understanding what you want to achieve and the unique requirements of your company we believe that we are in a much stronger position to guide you through the various options and approaches that will help you to achieve your goals in the way that best suits your business.

We aim to work together in partnership with you to build a long lasting relationship that allows both parties to contribute to the success of your project by concentrating on the things they do best, you know your business better than anyone and we know how to take that information and turn it in to quantifiable gains that can help to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

" Don't just listen to us saying how good we are, please look at our portfolio - see the solutions and read what our customers say."